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Welcome to Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebirth Wiki! Here you can find in-depth articles on all the fan-made content belonging to the Rebirth project and story! All content is free to use and non-profit, with proper credits given to material that has been borrowed/inspired the story and it's naming conventions. Feel free to create your own stories, theories and ideas concerning the Rebirth Universe and the Madoka Magica Extended Universe as a whole!

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About the Wiki

This is a wiki dedicated to the fan-project known as Madoka Magica: Rebirth, an alternate timeline following the ending of the Rebellion Movie, starting with the great Cataclysm that divides Rebirth from the canon. If you are interested in knowing more, or simply reading for a bit of enjoyment, feel free to pick a page and begin. Hopefully you find whatever you encounter to be fun and interesting. This Wiki is still in it's Alpha Phase and under heavy construction, so please excuse any lackluster/empty pages that you may encounter.

Warning! Spoilers for Rebirth ahead (Though you may not care) read at your own risk/confusion!

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